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Who We Are

It may have been the “Summer of Love” for the rest of the U.S.A., but in rural western Oklahoma, four young ministers were eking out a living from the low wages of the 1960’s. When Clayton Callahan built himself a steel carport, it attracted considerable attention from the country folk, and soon a neighbor was clamoring to have one. The first carport was sold. Clayton along with his youngest brother Neil Callahan and their two best friends, decided to see if a living could be made selling carports.

Years of Service to Oklahoma

Happy Oklahoma Clients

Tons of Steel in our Structures

Years of Experience

Our Work

We take great pride in our product. We strive to always give the customer what they want. Our reputation depends on having satisfied clients at the end of a project. Those happy customers are our best sales people. They will refer us over and over because we took care of them and gave them a quality building that will last a lifetime. We offer custom steel buildings that most of the competition can not produce. We are also very proud of the long term employees we have. Some of them have been with us over 18 years. Combined we have over 100 years of experience that we utilize to the best of our abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we’ve been in business since 1969 we’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years. Have a look and see if we’ve got an answer for you! If you don’t see what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to send an email or give us a call!

Do you pour the concrete?

Yes we do. We will pour the footings, the floor and any outside concrete you might need.

Do you finish out the interiors of the houses?

We typically only finish out on commercial projects. Although we will put you in contact with some reputable interior contractors.

Are your buildings engineered?

Yes our buildings are engineered to Oklahoma’s required codes.

Are your frames weld up or bolt together?

The frame we manufacture is a welded structure. However, we do install bolt up structures as well.

Are your frames “Red Iron”?

Red Iron typically refers to what the industry calls Rigid I-Beam that is painted a red primer color. Although our frame is a red primer color, it is not a Rigid I-Beam.

What gauge metal do you use?

We use #1 – 26 Gauge metal with a 40 year warranty for everything except trim which is a 29 gauge material.

Are your frames made from wood?

No, we are a steel frame only builder.

Are you restricted to common sizes?

No, we are a custom builder and build to suit. However, we do offer common sizes as well.

Do you offer kit buildings?

No, we are not set up to supply kits.

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